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Temple Salvage will purchase your scrap metal or junk car. We also offer towing and wrecker services within most of Lancaster County!

About Temple Salvage

Do you have an old junk car or vehicle sittimg on your property for which you no longer have a use? How about old scrap metal? You might be asking what you can do about it all. Look no further than Temple Salvage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We will gladly purchase your junk car or vehicle and even give you cash for scrap metal. Call us today or fill out our Contact Us form!

Buying Scrap Vehicles

Cars, unfortunately, don't last forever. They break down, their batteries die, and then you're left with a hunk of metal that is no longer useful to you. What to do now? Don't worry! Temple Salvage, based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, will be more than happy to haul away your broken car or vehicle and pay you cash for it. Why let your old car or vehicle be an eyesore on your lawn or a dinosaur in your garage when you can get money for it? Don't hesitate— call Temple Salvage today and let us take your junk away!